Phil McMath

I have recently completed a 19 year career in the coatings industry as a director of Construction Coatings Ltd. CCL is a Licensed Nuplex Applicator specialising in resin floor and hygiene coatings and is also an accredited Resene Ecodecorator. The company has been involved and handling products in Classes 3,5,6,8 and 9. My experience with these hazardous substances and their safe handling has led me to become an accredited HSWA Compliance Certifier for Locations and Stationary Containers.

Since May 2015, I had been working with Bruce Evans of Evatech Ltd to become a Location and Stationary Container Certifier. Bruce has been a Location and Stationary Container Certifier for 18 years after completing a career in the chemical industry for more than 30 years. Since my accreditation in 2016, when I purchased the business, Evatech Ltd has morphed to become  Evatech Solutions NZ Ltd.

In September 2016 Bruce retired and I have developed a working relationship with Peter Roche of HazKnow Ltd and other Compliance Certifiers. Together with Peter and others I will be working to provide HSWA advice  and help find compliance solutions to provide certification for Location Compliance and Stationary Container Certification to both new and existing clients.

Please refer to my scope of approvals in the link below.

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